About African Overland Tours

Our Mission

There are so many magical moments to experience on an Africa tour as you travel between amazing highlights. See diverse landscapes, visit natural wonders and iconic national parks as you relish every spectacular sighting. While there is lots of adventure along the road, whether you travel solo or in a group, your tour is sure to be challenging and fulfilling.

We are super passionate about Africa, but let us tell you why.

You see, each one of us has traveled the road or guided in Africa from the far Eastern stretches to the length and breadth of Southern Africa. Yet, we can collectively agree that these experiences have fundamentally affected us and how we live our lives. Naturally Africa gets you in touch with your roots, the heartbeat of mother nature, but more than that it certainly gets you in touch with yourself. You’ll have the opportunity to get back to basics and really take stock of your life and truly lean into being grateful for the parts that bring you joy and get clarity on the elements that you might be looking to change.

Surprisingly, your Africa tour will have a profound effect on how you see yourself and will give you an amazing sense of perspective. Since we have each experienced this effect on our own lives, we have taken great joy in helping others find the same adventure, clarity and freedom for themselves which is why we have one purpose…

To Change Lives!




Widest Variety

With over 300 tours on offer, we will find your ultimate adventure whether it’s a small group African safari tour, your dream  budget camping tour or mid-range comfort accommodated Africa overland tours.


Peace of Mind

We’re here for you with 24/7 emergency support on the ground in Africa along with trusted Bonded Insurance providing you security through SATSA Bonding.


Complete Service

We cover all services from flights, pre- and post-accommodation, pre- and post-transfers, advice and adventure trips.


Adventure Experts

Let’s talk goosebumps moments! Yes, Africa offers them up in bucket loads and we have experience them all during our travels as guides in and explored Africa. We are adventurous people who believe that the journey is more important than the final destination.


Best Pricing

Best pricing Price Beat Guarantee and No Booking Fees. The tours are listed in the currency that offers the best pricing.


We Know Africa

We have travelled on 99% of the routes in Africa we consult on (not many people can say that). We have ex-Africa Overland guides and round the world travellers as experts.


Private Charters

We design all types of adventures from special interest charter tours(photography, battlefields, etc.),school group charters, family charters, to groups of friends going to festivals. They can be run in overland trucks or smaller luxury private vehicles.



It is vital that you know what type of travel you are getting into. Africa is an adventure and not necessarily a holiday. You benefit from a team thattells it straight.

Why African Overland Tours?

The team at Escape 4 Africa Travel and African Overland Tours, we have travelled along an adventurous African road from North Africa to Cape Town, covering Africa from top-to-toe.

African Overland Tours Team

We’re here to plan your journey every step of the way!

Our passion is twofold; we love the African continent, and we give brutally honest advice to help you plan the most amazing adventure tour to Africa.

We want you to experience this extraordinary continent, as we have, with its breathtaking scenery, colourful cultures, local cuisine and of course, amazing wildlife.

  • We profile your needs by stepping into your shoes,
  • Provide unbiased, honest (sometimes brutally honest) and personalised information
  • Backed by knowledgeable service (we have travelled on all the routes).

An easy way to explain what we do is this:

We are similar to a mobile/cellphone store that stocks both Apple and Samsung. We can tell you about the differences and advantages of either and therefore have the benefit of an unbiased opinion. Plus we can give it to you at an extremely competitive price, if not cheaper.

We were all born and raised in South Africa and work closely with our trusted network of operators within the Africa overland industry.

Escape 4 Africa Travel was started by Andrew Walton, we have collectively over 50 years consulting experience in Africa and pride ourselves on having ex-Africa tour guides on our team.

  • We are SATSA Bonding and SATIB insured, providing financial protection with all monies paid
  • We have a 24 hour emergency number
  • We offer a Price Beat Guarantee

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