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Chintheche Inn, Malawi

Situated on the western shores of central Lake Malawi is Chintheche Inn. The area is distinguishable by its unspoiled golden beaches fringed with palm trees and studded with fishing villages, as well as patches of lowland tropical forest. The Inn offers ten comfy, vibrantly decorated rooms with en-suite bathrooms, overlooking the expansive coastline. The large grounds and gardens feature a campsite and big swimming pool. There is a central dining area and bar available, though dining usually takes place beneath the sparkling stars of the African sky.

In and around Chintheche are untouched sun-kissed beaches, and the Lake itself. Lake Malawi is the third biggest lake in Africa and boasts a large array of underwater environments, resulting in prolific wealth and diversity of mostly endemic aquatic life. Lake Malawi is home to more than 2,000 freshwater fish species – a bigger diversity than any other lake in the world, more than all of Europe and North America combined! Majority of these species are colourful fish called cichlids, of which Lake Malawi holds over 400 kinds, or 30% of all known species.

Activities offered by the Chintheche Inn are focused around not only the watersports of a lakeside resort, but also thrilling land-based activities and explorations of the surrounding region. Freshwater snorkeling provides travellers with the chance to discover the underwater cichlid realm that makes Lake Malawi so well-known, with over 400 cichlid species alone! Equipment for this activity is available at the Inn for guest use.

Spend time here riding along the Lakeshore, through some of the most scenic villages of Malawi. For this, four bicycles are available at the Inn. Guests can also pay a visit to a local fishing village with an experienced guide. These village outings last for around two hours and provide you with an authentic taste of traditional Malawian village life. The friendliness and hospitality of the Malawian folk is something that will most certainly be remembered by all.

Embark on a picturesque drive north of Chintheche through some of the most pristine areas on the Lakeshore to Nkhata Bay, where the Bandawa (Livingstonia) Mission is located. Here, learn about what the renowned explorer Dr David Livingstone accomplished in this area. A patch of lowland forest close by provides some fantastic birding opportunities, as do the grounds of the Chintheche Inn itself. Guests can also hop aboard a 10-seater wooden fishing boat in order to watch the nearby fisherman at work, and two paddle skis and a Hobie Cat are available for other types of Lake exploration.


* Snorkelling

* Mountain biking

* Village visits and guided walks

* Day trips to Nkhata and Bandawe Mission

* Birding

* Water Activities

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