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Damaraland Camp

Located in the Torra Conservancy, perhaps the most unspoiled wilderness region of Namibia, lies the Damaraland Camp. It offers ten elevated adobe-styled thatched rooms. Here, guests can also enjoy a spacious thatched living area, as well a fireplace, bar and swimming pool. An open campfire and outdoor boma are available to enhance those beautiful, peaceful evenings whilst enjoying the spectacular views, open spaces, and unique desert wildlife.

The Camp is set within one of the most arid and barren areas in all of Africa. In this dry environment, life revolves around using the near non-existent water in the most economical manners possible. This scrub landscape cannot support enormous wildlife herds, but it does support a diverse and remarkable variety of desert-adapted species around the Damaraland Camp.

The Torra Conservancy sustains a healthy concentration of the rare desert-adapted elephant and a couple of endangered desert-adapted black rhino. Other animals inhabiting this area include Oryx, kudu, springbok, Hartmann’s mountain zebra, southern giraffe, springbok, lion, cheetah, and spotted and brown hyena. Birding here is also phenomenal, with more than 240 recorded species.

Activities at Damaraland Camp are concentrated on exploring the Haub River system, the surrounding desert plains, and ancient valleys framed by the Etendeka Mountains. Big game is not concentrated throughout the year here, with the natural rain cycles dictating the seasonal migration of wildlife along the Huab River, but there are some desert-adapted elephant and other wildlife to be seen during splendid morning and afternoon nature drives through the region.

A day outing to the Namibian World Heritage Site of Twyfelfontein gives guests a glimpse into a culture that existed a long, long time ago. Spend time visiting the Bergsig School, where you can interact with the communities of the area. Learn about the unique heritage of the local folk, including Nama-Damara, Herero, Owambo, and the displaced Riemvasmakers of South Africa. Guided nature walks through the region are fantastic here, giving travellers a chance to learn more about Damaraland’s geology, unique plants, birds, and reptiles.

Damaraland Camp is the successful outcome of a partnership between Wilderness Safaris and the Torra Conservancy, and has become an inspiration for communities and conservationists throughout the continent. This partnership resulted in a 352,000 hectare conservancy being declared, wherein wildlife has adapted to the climate and is thriving once again.


* Nature drives

* Twyfelfontein rock art site

* Exchange with local communities

* Guided nature walks

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