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Jacana Camp, Botswana

Situated on a stunning island and encircled by seasonally filled floodplains and papyrus swamps, Jacana Camp in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, has five marvelous Meru-Style tents constructed on raised wooden decks that afford visitors incredible panoramic vistas of the beautiful Okavango Delta. Each tent is equipped with its own enclosed en-suite bathroom. The main dining space is located on an elevated platform between two majestic sycamore fig trees, and is surrounded by lush wild date palms. Jacana Camp also provides a comfy lounge with a designated space for an open fire beneath the starry African sky, as well as a plunge pool for relaxation during the hotter days of your travels.


Set in the Jao Concession, Jacana Camp is an authentic wetland region, perfect for the rare sitatunga and prolific red lechwe. In the dry season, lechwe, tsessebe, elephant and zebra are all in abundance, with lion, cheetah and leopard frequently spotted. Wildlife populations in this area of the Delta depend on water levels which vary from season to season. Bird life here is plentiful, and bird lovers can expect to see Pel’s fishing-owl, as well as African and lesser jacanas and other Okavango specials such as slaty egret and African pygmy-goose.

As a ‘water camp’, Jacana provides mainly water-based activities with game drives during the dry season. A fantastic activity to take part in here is a Mokoro excursion, where you will glide along the smooth water channels of Jacana in a two-seater traditional dugout canoe, viewing game from the peace of the water. Guests can also embark on outings in 12 and 7-seater boats through the waterways to the east of the camp, allowing for some fantastic game viewing. Around 40 minutes away from camp, a raised hide offers chances to observe the comings and goings of the area’s wildlife. Equipped with a long-drop toilet, sleep-outs can also be organised here for a maximum of six travellers. Land-based game drives are conducted in open 4X4 Land Rovers, each accommodating seven guests which gives each person an outside seat from which to view game.

As a camp devoted to the sustainability of conservation and community, Jacana Camp is extremely involved in projects that support these efforts. Jacana Camp is currently part of the Tubu Joint Management Committee, where Jao Concession holders and the University of Botswana have started an effort to reduce conflict between the community and the Jao Concession, especially in regards to putting an end to poaching and over-fishing. Each year, during the months of November and December, Jacana Camp also runs about six ‘Children in the Wilderness’ programmes, taking in around 96 children from surrounding areas and towns. ‘Pack for a Purpose’ is another project supported by Jacana Camp that encourages guests to bring gifts of stationery or other small items along when visiting schools or villages in the area.

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