Adventure Holidays

Adventure holidays in Africa are a way for you to explore areas that not many travellers get to see. In our lives we are simply looking to do something wild and out the box. Adventure travel tours allow for you to get an insight into rural Africa and travel with likeminded people in a secure environment.

The adventure holidays allow for you to walk in the wild, canoe down waterways, hike up desert dunes and mountains, interact with diverse cultures and stay in areas where there are no fences just wild animals.

We have a range of adventure travel tours that allow for you to climb Kilimanjaro, see the wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti or Masai Mara, walking safaris in Kruger or Botswana. So if you are looking for something different we can find the best solution.

We have adventure trips for all budgets from camping safaris, through to small group tours and accommodated tour (if you are looking for a bit more comfort).  Not sure which you would like to do – read more.

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