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Botswana Walking Safari

Situated in Southern Africa, Botswana is a land of vast beauty, splendid wildlife, and flourishing greenery. Experience this first-hand through one of the various camping and accommodated Botswana walking safari, which are dedicated to exploring this magnificent country.

Renowned for its isolated and seemingly untouched national parks and wildlife regions, Botswana boasts exquisite features, such as the world’s biggest inland Delta (the Okavango), the yearly migration of thousands of wildebeest and zebra to and from the Makgadikgadi Pans, the phenomenal Chobe Riverfront, and the exclusive wilderness of Moremi Game Reserve.

You could choose to opt for one of the shorter Botswana budget safaris and still return home with a wealth of experiences. However, to truly understand the real magic of Botswana, an extended overland tour package is recommended. These give you a proper chance to create your very own Botswana adventure, complete with an introduction to Africa’s entire Big 5, a visit to the vibrant capital city of Gaborone, an extraordinary Chobe River Sunset Cruise, and much more.

Botswana is never short on wildlife, and an adventure safari through the country always proves fruitful. This is mostly due to the awe-inspiring splendour of the Okavango Delta and its characteristics. Glide across the sparkling waterways that make up the labyrinth of the Delta and seize the opportunity of doing some incredible close-up game-viewing.

During your travels through this wondrous land, you are able to choose the level of comfort you desire – from cheap budget safaris with tented accommodation, to luxury hotels, lodges, and chalets. No matter your choice, the wetlands of Botswana will leave you with memories that go unmatched, and with a sense of longing to return to your travels across the awe-inspiring plains of Africa.

To begin planning your adventure, contact one of our consultants now, or browse through our range of Botswana safari packages online at your own leisure.

There is a range of different types of safari packages in Botswana to choose from. These safari tours and packages do not solely cover Botswana. These include:

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