Lake Naivasha, Kenya

April 19, 2013

A beautiful freshwater lake, Lake Naivasha in Kenya is fringed by thick papyrus. Even though it’s almost 13km across, its waters are shallow with an average depth of only 5m. The size of the actual lake area depends mainly on the rainfall. The size can vary between 114 and 991km².

At the beginning of the 20th Century, there was practically no lake, as Lake Naivasha completely dried up. Farmers decided to use the open land for farming. But it wasn’t long after that, when a few years later, rain poured down heavily and washed away the newly established estates.

Heavy winds and storms in the afternoons usually produce high waves in the lake. Because of this, the local Masai christened the lake Nai’posha. This means ‘rough water’. The British later misspelled the word as Naivasha.

Lake Naivasha and its surrounds has fertile soils and plenty of water supply, making this area one of Kenya’s prime agricultural regions. Many forests surround this lake, drawing an astounding amount of birdlife. In fact, Lake Naivasha is known as a world-class birding destination. Keeping the birds company, are giraffe, buffalo, Colobus monkeys, hippos and many other game. Take a boat trip out on the lake, and try and spot an African Fish Eagle scoop itself a bite to eat.

The region surrounding Lake Naivasha is just as exciting. There are two smaller lakes nearby, namely Oloidien and Sonachi, a bright green cater lake.

Right beside Lake Naivasha, lies Hell’s Gate National Park, named for its two huge red-tinged cliffs that frame an active interior of steam vents and bubbling springs. Lots of plains game and birdlife roam around here, and, since walking is permitted in this park, you can hike, cycle and climb rocks among them.


* Fishing

* Boat trips

* Sunset cruises

* Crescent Island Wildlife Sanctuary

* Birding

* Hippo safaris

* High Tea at Elsamere

* Hell’s Gate National Park

* Skydiving

* Sand boarding

* White water rafting

* Hiking

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