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Nungwi Beach

Of course, no one goes to Zanzibar just for Spice Tours, shopping and architecture. Its beaches are the major draw-card for everyone who wants a postcard-perfect island experience.

The chilled out resort of Nungwi is on the northern tip of the island, which is the busier, more commercial side. It’s regarded as one of Zanzibar’s best beaches, because here you can swim to your heart’s delight, as it’s one of the few beaches with no coral reef. Also, it doesn’t matter what tide you swim in because the tide doesn’t draw back for miles, as on the east coast, which is a long walk before you can frolic in the water.

The resort has beach cottages, lively and rustic outdoor bars and restaurants, and some dive schools. It’s commonplace to find beautifully carved furniture stacked out on the beach for your personal enjoyment. Nearby is a turtle sanctuary built by local villagers which you can visit, where turtles and other marine animals are nursed back to health and released into the ocean.

It takes about one and a half to two hours to get from Stone Town to the beach due to the poor road conditions, police checkpoints and other stops that the driver may need to make. A taxi can be hired from 10-25USD per day, depending on where you would like to go to in Nungwi.


Dhow cruises

Scuba diving


Beach walks

Visit the Sea Turtle Conservation area

Sunset cruises

Dine out at one of the local restaurants or pubs

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