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Praia Do Tofo, Mozambique

Praia do Tofo, or just ‘Tofo’, is a tiny town and huge tourist attraction located in south-eastern Mozambique. The town is situated on the coast of the Indian Ocean, on Ponto do Barra peninsula in the Inhambane Province of Jangamo. It is just 22 kilometres from the city of Inhambane and contains plenty of beach villas, diving retreats and stunning scenery. The long stretch of Indian Ocean shore draws in tourists, as well as the beautiful reefs close by which attract a variety of marine life.

Tofo Beach has been referred to as ‘the next Goa’, and has become a massive traveller’s focus on Africa’s Eastern coast. This is largely due to the gorgeous coastlines, friendly and hospitable atmosphere, vibrant night life, fantastic diving and snorkelling, and a couple of great restaurants.

There are numerous reasons as to why Praia do Tofo is popular, but the primary reason is the incredible sea life that is available for you to observe and have remarkable experiences with. Along with Manta Rays and Sea Turtles, Tofo is one of the finest travelling destinations for divers in order to spot Whale Sharks.

Historically a small coastal fishing village, Praia do Tofo has developed into a wonderful foreign tourist centre, with a small vegetable and African market, at least three excellent diving centres, a small hotel and numerous other places of accommodation. There is also a horse riding stable which provides you with amazing beach ride experiences on the shores of Tofo Beach, as well as various bars and restaurants to visit. The tourist centre also contains the close by settlement known as ‘Tofinho’, which is just a ten minute drive away, boasting stunning landscape vistas.

The tourist industry of Tofo is centred on its extraordinary opportunities to spot Manta Rays and Whale Sharks, which permanently reside in the waters here. Diving centres offer snorkelling tours during which you will have the chance to swim with a Whale Shark! You can also embark on trips, that can reach up to below twenty metres to observe the magnificent Manta Rays.

A couple of tourist centres can be found along the shoreline, including Bazaruto Archipelago in the north, Praia de Zavala, Praia de Zavora, Baia dos Cocos, Praia da Barra and Pomene.
Praia do Tofo is not short of things to do when on vacation here, with Scuba Diving being the most popular activity. With breathtaking coral reefs that lie beneath the cobalt blue waters of Mozambique and a wide variety of aquatic life that includes vibrantly coloured tropical fish, magnificent Whale Sharks, elegant Manta Rays, abundant cowries and ocean plants, Praia do Tofo is a diver’s paradise. When diving, be on the lookout for humpback whales, dolphins, nudibrachs, loggerhead and leatherback sea turtles, sea moths, dugongs and a range of fascinating tropical fish species.

The warm waters of Mozambique house a multitude of game fish, making it a perfect location for activities such as fly fishing, deep sea fishing and offshore game fishing. Expect to encounter species such as barracuda, dorado, wahoo, kingfish, bonito, yellow-fin tuna and sailfish, which are all common in Tofo. Otherwise, feel free to try your hand at surfing, embarking on sunset cruises or simply relaxing and basking in the comforting rays of the sun whilst lazing on golden sands.

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