Skeleton Coast, Namibia

April 15, 2013

The coastline between where the Kunene and Ugab rivers open into the Atlantic, is known as the Skeleton Coast. The name is often used for the entire desert coastline, even as far south as Lüderitz. The coastal parks consist of nearly two million hectares of dunes and gravel plains, and are among the world’s most inhospitable waterless areas.

When sailors were washed ashore here from shipwrecks, they had no chance of survival. To add to this, there’s a misty fog that hangs in the air for most of the year. It gives the barren coast a cold, eerie feeling.


* 4WD safaris

* Visit shipwrecks

* See clay castles

* Experience the salt pans

* Hike the dunes

* View the rock engravings

* Desert walks and drives

* Kunene River excursions

* Flights over the Coast

* Visit the Cape Cross Seal Colony

* Go fishing

* Visit a working Himba tribe

* Track desert elephants

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