Kruger National Park, South Africa

April 9, 2013

The Kruger National Park is not only the most famous wildlife park in the world, but also the biggest and oldest. In fact, in 1998, it turned a 100 years old. The Big Five thrives here, along with cheetahs, giraffes, hippos, all sorts of antelope species and smaller animals.

The Kruger National Park gives you the rare and privileged opportunity to view wild African animals in their natural habitat, an experience that cannot be likened to any in a zoo. Seeing a giraffe gallop gracefully past you, or a zebra staring into your car window, or a little crèche of baby bucks huddled together as an older buck baby-sits, are just some of the experiences waiting to wow you when there.

Tours to Kruger National Park

Even though you’re right in the middle of the African bush, the roads and accommodation are highly developed, organised, accessible and popular. Accommodation ranges from very fancy to really basic. The main entry points to the park are through the towns of Skukuza and Nelspruit, and if coming from Johannesburg, it’ll take you about a day to drive there.


* The Echo Caves

* Pilgrim’s Rest Historical Village

* Sudwala Dinosaur Park

* Hiking

* Game viewing from fully-equipped game vehicles

* The world’s biggest swing

* Wilderness trails

* Golfing

* Helicopter flights

* Bird watching

* Mountain bike trails

* Sudwala Caves

* Mac Mac Falls

* Wellness Spa treatments

* Quad biking

* Horse trail safaris

* Mountain biking

* Hot-air balloon flights

Kruger – the Budget Safari Destination

Best Time for Game Viewing in South Africa

How to travel to Kruger National Park on a Budget


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