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Kruger National Park, South Africa

Nestled in the northeastern corner of South Africa lies Kruger National Park, a sprawling wilderness sanctuary that beckons explorers from around the globe. Stretching across nearly 20,000 square kilometres, this iconic park is renowned for its rich biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes.

Established in 1898, Kruger National Park is one of Africa’s oldest and largest game reserves. Initially created to protect the region’s wildlife from poaching and habitat destruction, it has evolved into a world-class conservation area and a prime destination for wildlife enthusiasts.

Kruger National Park Lion

Biodiversity Hotspot

Kruger National Park boasts an unparalleled array of wildlife, including the famous Big Five: lions, elephants, buffalos, leopards, and rhinoceroses. Beyond these iconic species, the park is home to over 500 bird species, countless reptiles, and a myriad of smaller mammals and insects.

View animals in their natural habitat

The Kruger National Park gives you the rare and privileged opportunity to view wild African animals in their natural habitat, an experience that cannot be likened to any in a zoo. Seeing a giraffe gallop gracefully past you, or a zebra staring into your car window, or a little crèche of baby bucks huddled together as an older buck baby-sits, are just some of the experiences waiting to wow you when there.

Tours to Kruger National Park

Accommodation in the Kruger National Park

From luxurious lodges to rustic campsites, Kruger National Park offers accommodation options to suit every traveller’s preferences and budget. Immerse yourself in the wilderness while enjoying modern comforts and amenities.

The main entry points to the park are through the towns of Skukuza and Nelspruit, and if coming from Johannesburg, it’ll take you about a day to drive there.

Tintswalo Safari Lodge , Kruger

Discovering the Marvels of Kruger

Kruger National Park offers a myriad of activities and attractions, ensuring there’s something for every adventurer. From thrilling game drives to serene nature walks, the park caters to diverse interests. Here are some highlights to consider:

1. Echo Caves Exploration Delve into the mysterious depths of Echo Caves, marveling at the intricate formations sculpted by nature over millennia.

2. Pilgrim’s Rest Historical Village Step back in time as you wander through the quaint streets of Pilgrim’s Rest, a living museum preserving South Africa’s gold rush history.

3. Sudwala Dinosaur Park Embark on a prehistoric journey at Sudwala Dinosaur Park, where life-sized replicas and fossil displays bring ancient giants back to life.

4. Thrilling Hiking Adventures Traverse scenic trails that lead you through rugged terrain, offering glimpses of hidden waterfalls and abundant wildlife along the way.

5. Game Viewing Excursions Embark on exhilarating game drives led by experienced guides, providing unparalleled opportunities to encounter Africa’s renowned Big Five and other fascinating species.

6. Adrenaline-Pumping Activities For the thrill-seekers, Kruger National Park offers an array of adrenaline-pumping experiences, including the world’s biggest swing, helicopter flights, and hot-air balloon safaris.

7. Tranquil Retreats Indulge in relaxation with wellness spa treatments amidst the serene surroundings of the African bushveld, rejuvenating both body and soul.

8. Bird Watching Immerse yourself in the melodious symphony of birdlife as you explore diverse habitats teeming with avian wonders.

9. Cycling Adventures Embark on mountain biking expeditions, traversing rugged trails and encountering wildlife in their natural element.

10. Cultural Experiences Discover the rich cultural heritage of the region through guided tours, traditional dance performances, and interactions with local communities.

Walking safari


* The world’s biggest swing

* Golfing

* Helicopter flights

* Mac Mac Falls

* Wellness Spa treatments

* Quad biking

* Horse trail safaris

* Hot-air balloon flights

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