How to travel to the Serengeti on a budget

serengeti on a budget

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is one of Africa’s great wildernesses, and offers one of the continent’s best safari experiences. The world’s largest protected grassland, the Serengeti is a made up of vast savanna plains and forests, and teems with wildlife. It’s especially well known for its predators – lions, leopards, cheetahs and hyenas – which you have a very good chance of spotting.

Serengeti is spectacular at any time of year but the absolute highlight is the world-famous wildebeest migration, where millions of animals cross from the Serengeti and into the Masai Mara in Kenya, and then return to the Serengeti, followed by predators.

How to travel to the Serengeti on a budget

The Serengeti is a pretty expensive safari destination, with park fees costing USD 50 per person per day, with the additional cost of USD30 per vehicle and USD30 per tent. Unlike other African parks, such as Kruger National Park and the Masai Mara, there aren’t many options for places to stay, so the lodges that are there charge a lot, with the top ones costing thousands of dollars a night.

If you want to travel to the Serengeti on a budget, the best option is to do an overland trip. We offer a number of budget safaris to the Serengeti where you stay in the park’s campsites, such as our epic 58-day Nairobi to Cape Town overland tour (which covers most of the highlights of east and southern Africa), and shorter trips like the 12-day Kenya and Tanzania budget safari, and the 10-day highlights of Tanzania budget safari. You can browse more of our budget Serengeti safaris here.

Other options for travelling to the Seregenti on a budget include self-driving options, where you fly into Arusha or Mwanza and hire your own car and camping equipment, and stay at the campsites in the park.

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What to do on a Serengeti safari

The main thing to do in the Serengeti is see wildlife on game drives! On our Serengeti safaris are done in open-topped 4×4, vehicles, so you can great views once you spot those prides of lions. In between game drives, you can visit a traditional Maasai village and Oldupai Gorge (just south of the park), which is one of the world’s most important paleoanthropological sites. If you want to see wildlife from a different perspective, you can also do walking safaris and even wildlife viewing on a horse.

It’s certainly not a budget activity, but if you want to make your Serengeti trip even more memorable, you can do a hot air balloon flight over the park and its herds of animals – an incredible experience!

When to go to the Serengeti on safari

You can have amazing wildlife viewings in the Serengeti at any time of year, but if you want to see the Wildebeest migration you need to visit between July and October (the migration happens at slightly different times of year, depending on the rains. Wildebeest calving, a great spectacle to behold, is from January to March. The Serengeti’s rainy season is in April and May, but even then the game viewing is superb.

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