AANC58 Day 46: Maun – Ghanzi, Botswana

January 22, 2018 Comments Off on AANC58 Day 46: Maun – Ghanzi, Botswana
Andrew Walton
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Maun – Ghanzi, Botswana

We leave Maun today and travel to Ghanzi, which skirts the Kalahari Desert. We meet the San/Bushman and experience a guided bush walk with a cultural feeling and insight to the lives of the ancient people’s way of life. Learn how they work with nature and manage the renewable resources found in their surroundings. Supporting this venture provides the San/Bushman with a sustainable income and helps keep their culture alive. Around the fire at  night you can experience the ancient dance rituals of the San/Bushman. On special occasions this could be a healing or trance dance, which can continue all night, and is an intense spiritual experience.

Accommodation: Ghanzi Trailblazers – Twin share accommodation with en-suite facilities
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance Covered: +/-260kms
Approximate driving time: 4 hours
Optional Activities: Traditional Dancing US$15

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