AASAI7 Day 04: Bulawayo – Tshipise, South Africa

January 25, 2018 Comments Off on AASAI7 Day 04: Bulawayo – Tshipise, South Africa
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Bulawayo – Tshipise, South Africa

Our day’s journey sees us entering South Africa and crossing the Limpopo River. Being the second biggest river in South Africa, the Limpopo River acts as a crucial water source for this dry and barren land, as well as a natural border between South Africa and it’s neighboring countries (Botswana and Zimbabwe) before flowing through Mozambique and finally out into the Indian Ocean. We continue to Tshipise, situated in the northern section of the Limpopo province. Accommodation this evening will be at the foot of one of Limpopo’s rolling koppies set adjacent the Honnet Nature Reserve. There are hot springs in the area which are surrounded by dense woodland comprising of Mopani, Red Bushwillow, Jakkalsbessie trees – and the third largest Baobab tree in South Africa.

Accommodation: Forever Resorts – Twin share accommodation with en-suite facilities
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance Covered: +/-380kms
Approximate Driving Time: 10 hours

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