ACN56 Day 23 – 24: South Luangwa National Park –  Kande Beach, Malawi

November 5, 2014 Comments Off on ACN56 Day 23 – 24: South Luangwa National Park –  Kande Beach, Malawi
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South Luangwa National Park –  Kande Beach, Malawi

You can relax around the pools edge on the hotter hours of the day and in the afternoon we enjoy an open air game drive along the river’s edge where you will see the variety of bird and animal life in the area. The tour includes a guided game drive during our stay.

Following our last night in Zambia we head across the border to Malawi, making a stop in the capital of Lilongwe before taking the eastern road toward Lake Malawi. Formally known as ‘Lake Nyasa’, Lake Malawi covers almost an entire fifth of the country’s area, providing a strong root of livelihood for most of the local Malawi folk. Fishermen, fish traders, and canoe and net makers all ply their trades here, and a typical sight is that of a fisherman in his Bwato (dugout canoe made from a hollowed out tree trunk) fishing on the still lake at the break of dawn. The Lake is something of a marvel to visitors, and has the highest number of endemic freshwater fish species of any in the world. Arriving at our campsite, situated on the lake’s shore, in the afternoon, we have the rest of the day to ourselves. Feel free to spend this time indulging in a relaxing swim or exploring the beach and surrounding areas.

Accommodation: Wildlife Camp(South Luangwa), Kande Beach – Camping in twin share tents with shared facilities

Meals included: Breakfast x2, Lunch x2, Dinner x2
Distance Covered: +/-180kms
Approximate Driving Time: 3.5 hours
Optional Activities: Village tour US$35, Walking Safari US$55, Game drives from US$50

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