GCN55 Day 04 Orange River – Fish River Canyon

May 29, 2017 Comments Off on GCN55 Day 04 Orange River – Fish River Canyon

Orange River – Fish River Canyon, Namibia

We cross the border into Namibia today, so be sure to have your correct visa ready. We then travel through to the magnificent Fish River Canyon, the biggest in the continent and the second largest in the world. We spend some time exploring this area and, in the late afternoon, admire the dramatic sunset disappear behind the edge of the canyon. We spend the evening camping in the surrounding area.

The Fish River stretches 650 kms in length, making it Namibia’s longest river. Its source is located in the eastern Naukluft Mountains and runs southwest of Ai-Ais into the Oranje. The canyon itself is situated along the lower area of the Fish River, and is one of the most remarkable natural creations of Southern Africa. It runs 550 metres deep, 27 kilometres wide and is the oldest canyon in the world, formed around 500 million years back, with some of its bottom rocks aging up to about 2,600 million years. Cat fish can be found in the River and survive the arid seasons by digging into the mud and waiting for the water to return. The River is very slow moving and shallow, making it more like a stream. The levels of the water are usually highest from February to April, and the highest known temperature at the Canyon’s floor is 58 degrees Celsius.

Accommodation: Hobas Campsite (or similar)
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

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