GJN 27: Day 9: Victoria Falls – Lusaka

June 5, 2017 Comments Off on GJN 27: Day 9: Victoria Falls – Lusaka

Victoria Falls – Lusaka, Zambia

An early morning rise at 6:00 will take us through the stunning scenery of Zimbabwe to Lusaka. It will be a long and bumpy ride, but there will be plenty of animals along the way to make the journey worth it.

Like plenty of Africa’s capitals, Lusaka is a vibrant city growing around its colonial roots, socialist history and, presently, its motivation for independence. Lusaka is an illustration of just how many cities are still attempting to locate their independence in today’s fast-moving world. Located in the southern portion of Africa, Lusaka is known as one of the most rapidly developing populations in the country, and is the governmental and administrative hub of Zambia.

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