JENACS4107 22 Day 18 – 19: The Orange River – Namibia

November 25, 2014 Comments Off on JENACS4107 22 Day 18 – 19: The Orange River – Namibia
Andrew Walton
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The Orange River – Namibia

We depart in the morning to make our way to our camp, situated on the Orange (Gariep) Riverbanks, the natural divider between South Africa and Namibia. We make a stop at Ai-Ais today, where thermal water rich in sulphates and fluorides and with a temperature of around 60 degrees Celcius surges from the springs. Ai-Ais means ‘burning water’ in the local Nama language. The following day we only journey by means of a canoe. Spend some time unwinding as you are carried along the sparkling Orange River by the currents.

Accommodation: Felix Unite Camp Provenance or similar
Facilities: Chalets with en-suite bathrooms, swimming pool, bar
Meals Included: Breakfast X2, Lunch X2, Dinner X2
Distance travelled: 220km

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