JENACS4108 22 Day 18 – 19: The Orange River – Namibia

November 26, 2014 Comments Off on JENACS4108 22 Day 18 – 19: The Orange River – Namibia
Andrew Walton
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The Orange River – Namibia

We depart in the morning to make our way to our camp, situated on the Orange (Gariep) Riverbanks, the natural divider between South Africa and Namibia. We stop at Ai-Ais which houses thermal water that is rich in sulphates and flourides. In the language of Nama Ais-Ais means ‘burning water’. The following day we only journey by means of a canoe. Spend some time unwinding as you are carried along the sparkling Orange River by the currents.

Accommodation: Felix Unite Camp Provenance or similar
Facilities: Chalets with en-suite bathrooms, swimming pool, bar
Meals Included: Breakfast X2, Lunch X2, Dinner X2

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