NACJ26 Day 17: Gweta

November 10, 2014 Comments Off on NACJ26 Day 17: Gweta
Andrew Walton
Just a happy guy who loves travelling, loves Africa and feels that travelling changes you forever.


Today we embark on another picturesque air-transfer that takes us back to Maun and our beloved truck. During the afternoon we take a drive to Planet Baobab where we arrive at our lodging for the evening that is situated among magnificent Baobab trees.

Planet Baobab creates a shady haven in the centre of the never-ending landscape of the Makgadikgadi salt pans. Renowned as the baobab capital of the world and home of the Kalahari Surf Club, Planet Baobab is possibly the trendiest camp in all of the Kalahari. Here, you sleep in deluxe Bakalanga huts, but are always free to just set up your tent nearby. The pans are the remainders of the once majestic Lake Makgadikgadi (spreading over approximately 80,000 square kilometres) which, thousands of years back, was Africa’s biggest inland ocean at 30 metres deep. Today, the pans sustain countless majestic Baobabs which are sometimes known as ‘unusual upside down trees’, several of which are over 2400 years old. Elephants can also be found in this area, happily splish-splashing in close by watering holes to cool themselves down, completely oblivious to the presence of any onlookers.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two per room: Planet Baobab
Facilities: En-suite per room, bar, swimming pool
Route: Maun to Gweta +/-200 kms
Travel Time: +/- 3-4 hours
Activity Package: Scenic flight back to Maun

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