ANC58 Day 50 : Etosha National Park – Spitzkoppe

November 5, 2014 Comments Off on ANC58 Day 50 : Etosha National Park – Spitzkoppe
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Etosha National Park – Spitzkoppe, Namibia

Leaving Etosha we make our stop at Spitzkoppe (a group of granite peaks) to admire ancient bushman paintings that have remained visible on the peculiar rock formations. These formations peak at 1800m above sea level and create a remarkable view. Be sure to take your time exploring the area and it’s pleasant tranquility while keeping an eye on the ever-changing colour of the rocks, specifically during sunrise and sunset when they take on extraordinary intense and vibrant shades of red. The most impressive rock painting is “Bushman Paradise” and the natural rock bridge is a favourite viewpoint.

Please Note: Please take care if climbing onto the rocky outcrops. The surfaces have been smoothed by aeons of sun, wind and blown dust: they can be extremely slippery especially if you are not wearing suitable footwear.

The Spitzkoppe Rest camp lies at the base of the mountain and is owned and maintained by the local community to which all proceeds from our visit to Spitzkoppe go.

Accommodation: Spitzkoppe Community Camp – Camping in twin share tents with shared basic toilet facilities
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Distance Covered: +/-420km
Approximate Driving Time: 6 hours


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