NJC20 Day 07: Durban, South Africa END (NEW ITEM)

October 31, 2017 Comments Off on NJC20 Day 07: Durban, South Africa END (NEW ITEM)
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Durban, South Africa

We arrive in Durban today – South Africa’s biggest marine port and a renowned surfing destination. Tour tour comes to an end today. The afternoon is at leisure to roam at the golden beaches along the coast and the evening can be spent delighting in authentic Indian food as Durban is also home to the biggest number of Indian descendants outside of India itself.

Durban is the metropolitan region that consists of Durban, Pinetown, Inanda and Umlazi, with a population of almost 2 million. A large majority of the first European settlers were shipwreck survivors. One of these survivers, Rodrigo Tristaa, endured a wreck in 1552 of the Portuguese galleon Saint John, and was the first to make Durban his home. Vasco Da Gama suggested the name ‘Natal’ (‘nativity’) to this expansion of coast. The bay entrance was known as Rio de Natal (‘river of the nativity’). The Zulu nation’s formation provided wealth for a trade market in this region. Merchants established a harbour where the base of trade with Zulus could be created. Durban was therefore formed by a population of a mere 26 traders and ivory hunters. On the 23rd of June, 1835, the area was officially named Durban, after Sir Benjamin D’urban – the governor of the Cape.

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Route: St. Lucia to Durban ±240 km

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