NNC58 Day 28 – 29: Lake Malawi

October 22, 2014
Andrew Walton
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Lake Malawi, Malawi

The next two days are spent enjoying the magnificent views and sounds of Lake Malawi. You could laze around at the pool at your camp, snorkel or swim in Lake Malawi. You may be able to book a full day hike to the Livingstonia Mission.

The following morning we make time to visit Karonga. The town is the centre of Malawi’s slave trade and home to magnificent museums boasting displays of dinosaurs and the rich history of people and the world. Making our way back, you can spend the afternoon at your leisure to enjoy a last sundowner at the shores of the lake.

Lake Malawi is the third biggest in Africa and the eighth biggest in the world, located between Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. The lake offers fantastic snorkelling and diving adventures and it’s tropical waters contain more species of fish than any other lake on earth. These fish support the locals who rely on the lake for survival, using mokoros (dug-out canoes) to set out massive nets. There is a massive variety of different ethnic groups dwelling in this area and as a result, there are plenty of dialects to be learned and spoken. Majority of these groups are Christians due to the countless missionaries who past through the area, whilst the remainder have maintained their traditional belief systems.

David Livingstone arrived at Lake Malawi in 1895 whilst he was attempting to put a stop to the awful slave trades taking place. He returned in 1861 accompanied by seven missionaries who established a mission station in the southern area of the lake, however some of them contracted malaria and various other illnesses. There was also some conflict with slave-drivers. The surviving missionaries soon withdrew to Zanzibar. Livingstone came back again in 1866 as part of his journey to discover the source of the Nile. In 1869 he travelled north and was subsequently out of contact for almost two years. He was found by journalist Henry Stanley on the banks of Lake Tanganyika in 1871 where the famous phrase from Stanley was uttered: “Dr Livingstone, I presume.” Livingstone then carried out his mission, eventually dying in a village called Chitombo in Zambia in 1873.

The death of this remarkable explorer revived the desire in other missionaries to come to Malawi and, after they finally finished setting up missions in various malaria-ridden areas, they constructed a malaria-free mission in the highlands of the eastern escarpment, aptly named Livingstonia. This particular mission is still operational today and is open to visitors willing to embark on a strenuous hike in order to reach it. Because of the relative difficulty of this 6-8 hour trek to the mission, you should be sure to partake in it but only if you feel you are truly fit enough to brave the steep slopes and boiling temperatures.

Accommodation: Camp: Maji Zuwa or or Ngala Beach Lodge
Facilities: Shared Ablutions Please visit the website of the accommodation provider for a full list of the facilities offered
Included Highlight: Livingstonia Hike (for the adventurous)
Route: North Lake Malawi to Central Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi

2020 Itinerary Change : Meals are included in 2020 itinerary (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) Enjoy a walk in the Village of Ngala as an included highlight in 2020.

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