NZJJ10 Day 05: Tshipise

July 26, 2016 Comments Off on NZJJ10 Day 05: Tshipise
Andrew Walton
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Tshipise, South Africa

Making our way across the border out of Zimbabwe, we enter the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Developed in 1936, the name originates from the word chia fisu which means ‘burn, be hot’ referring to the hot springs at 65°C.

Accommodation: Camp: Forever Tshipise Resort
Facilities: Shared Ablutions Please visit the website of the accommodation provider for a full list of the facilities offered.
Route: Great Zimbabwe Ruins (Masvingo) to Tshipise
Included Highlight: Hot Springs Tshipise
Border Post: Beitbridge Border Post +263 862 2303 / 2366 +27 (015) 530-0066 / 71 website:

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