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Nomad Tours  covers Southern and East Africa and are an adventure tour company, catering for people who have a zest for life and want to experience the remote parts of Africa. They pride themselves on the consistently high quality of their service and product. Nomad Africa run camping tours, accommodated tours (the only company to offer accommodated tours from Southern Africa to East Africa) and small group tours. The ages of the travellers varies from between 16 – 65 years (and older), and the group sizes vary from 12 – 24 travellers.

The vehicles are customised for African roads and the guides are individually coached and mentored to constantly improve client feedback. They also offer foreign language departure tours, green seats and tour linking (add or subtract tours). With 650 tours a year, with a duration of days ranging from 2 – 56 days it is no wonder that it is one of the largest adventure tour companies in Africa, with a long and successful history in the industry.

Nomad Africa are an accredited tour operator (SATSA, TASA, SAYTC, Tours and Transport SA and Cape Town Tourism.) They are proudly South African with over 7200 tours run to date with over 65 000 travellers having explored the African continent with them.

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Overland Style

These are camping or accommodated tours that take you across Africa in their adventure vehicles. Large distances are covered, ensuring you get the most out of your time spent on an overland safari. There are guides who do most of the work during your tour, but obviously your help is much appreciated.

Camp SetUp

Budget Camping Tours

Expect early mornings to enjoy the sunrise and fit in all the highlights of the tour. You will stay in two-man canvas dome tents (with built-in mosquito nests). You will have your own mattress, so all you need to bring is a sleeping bag, pillow and a towel.


Lunches are often enjoyed on the side of the road from the truck, or at a picnic spot. Throughout your tour you will have to assist in washing dishes after meals on a roster basis.

Meal time

In the evenings some participation is needed from you to help set up your tent and general duties around the campsite.  But other than that there is plenty of time for you to relax, sit around the campfire and catch up on the day’s events.

Small Group Accommodated

These tours offer a more comfortable way of experiencing the wonders of Africa by allowing you to stay in hostels, hotels, chalets, lodge-style bungalows, permanent tents and traditional African huts.  The number of passengers is limited to a maximum of  12. You can expect 2-3 star accommodation with access to pools and bars at some of the venues.


What is a Nomad tour like?

You will meet many different people from all walks of life. Some people will travel with friends and family, but there are also many single men and women who choose to partake in the tour and meet new people.

You will be transported through Africa in their specialised vehicles fitted with fridges, a safe, private individual lockers, camping tables and chairs, an on-board freezer, personal lockers and much more.

truck - seats - Lockers

An average day consists of an early morning breakfast, cleaning and packing up and then heading off on your safari. You will stop off for lunch on the side of the road, as mentioned previously, and once again help out with cleaning and packing up. Keep in mind that many of your hours will be spent travelling and sightseeing, with occasional stops for ablutions and photographic opportunites.

Sometime before sunset you will set up camp for the night and dinner will be prepared. Once all the duties around the campsite have been completed, you are free to bed down for the night, or sit and chat around the campfire, keeping in mind that you will need to get some good rest before the next day’s events.


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Video taken on a Victoria Falls to Nairobi Adventure Tour

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