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The 10 best viral African safari videos

The next best thing to going on an African safari is watching all the action of the savanna or bushveld on the small screen at home. While we love National Geographic documentaries, Sir David Attenborough’s excellent nature programs and the Discovery Channel, there’s also something special about watching unedited, unplanned and undirected African wildlife videos shot by people on a safari holiday with their smartphone or point and shoot camera. Some of these videos capture thrilling moments that nature documentary filming teams don’t manage to see in years of filming – like the famous “Battle of Kruger” scene where lions and a crocodile battle it out in a tug of war over a buffalo in a waterhole – and many of them have gone viral, amassing tens of millions of views.

Here is our pick of the 10 Best viral African safari videos shot by amateurs that we just can’t stop watching!

1. Battle at Kruger 

With over 76 million views, this is the most viral of all safari videos – and it’s easy to see why. It’s one of Africa’s most epic wildlife battles ever caught on camera!

2. Mountain biker hit by a buck

Just when you’re having a great cycle, a buck comes out of nowhere and takes you out!

3. Impala escapes certain death in a tourist car

This quick thinking impala jumps for safety into a safari goer’s car as it is pursued by a cheetah. Impala 1 – cheetah 0.

4. Rhino and hippo date night

One of them definitely used a fake photo for their Tinder profile.

5. Touched by a wild mountain gorilla

A magical chance encounter with a troop of wild gorillas in Uganda makes for a touching video and what must have been an extraordinary experience!

6. Lion opens car door

This shows you why you should always lock your car door and keep your windows up when driving through a game park in Africa.

7. World’s cutest frog

Remember that when you go on safari, it’s not just about seeing the big animals – the small ones are equally fascinating (and much cuter) – like this desert frog in South Africa.

8. A lion catches an antelope in a mid-air jump

This gives new meaning to the phrase “don’t play with your food”.

9. The lion-killing giraffe

Don’t mess with those long legs!


10. Elephant attacks safari jeep

Imagine how scared you’d be feeling if you were sitting inside this jeep as the trumpeting elephant charged the car!

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