10 Tips on How to Irritate your Fellow Travellers

December 23, 2013

We all come from different cultures and backgrounds and have been brought up in different ways, so throwing a group of strangers together for the first time and packing them into a safari vehicle is going to be a daunting task! But…here are a few tips to stop you from being thrown off the truck!!

1. Talk incessantly at full volume!
Of course you can make small talk and ask the guide questions, but keep it to a minimum, and talk softly.

2. Have your cellphone permanently attached to your ear or hands and text and talk throughout your safari!
Rather sit back and take in the beauty and tranquility that surrounds you. You don’t want to miss a thing!

3. Ask the guide when you are going to see the Big 5 every few minutes!
Africa is unpredictable and the animals are even more so, and the guides don’t talk to animals!

4. Boast about all your previous safaris and encounters with animals, tribes etc. and talk about yourself all the time.
This safari is not all about you, listen and learn :)

5. Hop on and off the truck whether it is moving or stationary!
Unlike the minibus taxis in Cape Town and Johannesburg, you can’t just hop on and off when you please – you just might lose a limb to a lion! Always wait for the guide to take you to a safe spot if you need to stretch your legs etc.

6. Sit and play with your camera and delete images etc. without muting the electronic beeping.
If you can find how to silence your camera, then please do so. The constant beeping and noises from the electronics of the camera can be an annoying distraction.

7. Use foul or strong language!
There are other people who may find it very offensive and you could make enemies instead of friends.

8. Walk onto the truck looking like a Christmas tree!
Take the bare essentials so that you can find things quickly and not take up all the storage space.

9. Be rude about the food!
Due to the lack of storage space and fresh ingredients, it is not always possible to have gourmet meals. Be grateful for what is prepared for you :)

10. Complain about the dust and dirt!
You are in Africa, on a safari, in the middle of mother nature – don’t sweat the small stuff!

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