16 Day Botswana Overland Camping Feedback

April 24, 2013

“Hello Huntley,

We just came back to Sweden after a couple of amazing weeks down on your continent. Just wanted to thank you for recommending the Botswana camping safari- those days were some of the most amazing in my life.

Everything was perfect. The tour plan, the guide, etc. I would recommend this tour to anyone who is not TOO afraid of the camping part of it (I do not normally consider myself a camping person). The fact that we stayed in campsites rather than lodges really brought us close to nature. I loved every bit of it. The trip also has a very authentic feel to it- we never felt just part of the big tourist wheel. You can quote me on this :-)

So in short- thanks for the help. I will tell all my friends :)



The 16 Day Botswana Overland Adventure changed their outlook on camping tours and, had them fall in love with Africa! 

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