A Few Tips for Your Stay in Zanzibar

April 5, 2013

Zanzibar is predominantly a Muslim culture, so please respect their traditions and religion. The ladies need to be aware of how they dress by covering their shoulders and wearing skirts or trousers that fall below the knee. Men can wear shorts and t-shirts, but not go topless. It is more relaxed on the beaches where you can where your bathing costumes/sarongs.

Alcohol is available, but drunken behaviour in public areas is not tolerated, so please be aware of this when you hit the nightlife of Zanzibar. You need to ask permission if you want to take photographs of people or their homes, purely out of respect for their privacy. As in most tourist destinations keep your valuables safe or don’t take them with you when you are walking around, especially late at night. Be aware of unlicensed vendors who may try to sell you their services – they are illegal and unreliable.

You are required to have a Tanzanian visa in order to visit Zanzibar. Visas are valid for three months, with costs varying depending on your nationality. US dollars are accepted as currency, but they use the Tanzanian shilling.

Telecommunications in Zanzibar has improved dramatically and you can find internet cafes in most of the main villages.

You are required by law to have a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate. It will be beneficial to also have Malaria prophylaxis, but speak to your doctor before you depart if you are unsure. It is wise to drink bottled water and use it to wash your food or brush your teeth. The sun is very harsh in Zanzibar, so wear protective clothing, hats and a high factor sunscreen.

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