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A Guide to Making the Most of Your Mozambican Adventure

What could possibly be better than an African getaway which ticks all the boxes; including thrilling adventure, lazy beach days, authentic excursions AND wildlife sightings? There couldn’t be anything much better, right? If you’re wondering which African destination offers all this (and more) it’s, in fact, an island situated just off the coast of southern Africa, known as Mozambique.

Why we love Mozambique 

It is the ideal place to catch a break, and a fantastic place for those looking for some variety in their travel itinerary. With the Indian Ocean surrounding the island, it’s no wonder why the avid beach-goers regularly pay a visit. But that’s not the only ‘type’ of traveller that this incredible island accommodates. Adventure seekers find what they’re looking for in Mozambique, too with the many extraordinary activities on offer; while the nature lovers are charmed by the bush excursions which often come with great wildlife sightings.

If you haven’t already gathered, Mozambique is incredibly diverse and for this reason there’s so much to see and do. In fact, it may even become a little overwhelming for you as a visitor to find out about all that is on offer on the island. But luckily you no longer have to fret. Take a look at our helpful guide on how to make the most of your Mozambican adventure, so that you don’t miss a thing!

Take part in the many water activities

Mozambique has some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa. I’m talking about white sand, crystal clear waters – and you may even find a few palm trees scattered about. It really is paradise! Getting back to the water activities, however you don’t want to miss snorkelling around Mozambique’s stunning coral reef – it’s a burst of colour under the waves. Some parts of the island also offer water-skiing and kayaking activities, as well as stand up paddle boarding and jet-skiing.


Swim with dolphins, manta rays and whale sharks in the crystal blue waters

Now if these aren’t bucket list activities I’m not sure what is! There aren’t many places in the world where one could catch sight of dolphins, nevermind, swim with them – and the same goes for whale sharks. Whale sharks are especially rare, yet the waters surrounding Mozambique seem to be filled with them. If I were you, I’d take advantage of this very special opportunity while visiting Mozambique.

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Visit the local markets

I’m sure we’re right in saying that when you travel there’s always a part of you that’d like to experience and feel the authenticity of the place you’re visiting because it makes you feel closer to it. Sound familiar? We as travellers and the African Overland Tour team, strive to offer you authentic African experiences throughout your tour, because Africa shouldn’t just be seen, it should be felt and fully experienced. While there are many authentic experiences to be found on the island of Mozambique, one you should not miss is the local markets. Most of the stalls sell beautiful African goods, and most of the owners dress in traditional African wear. They play African music and sometimes even show off their traditional dances.


Laze on the beautiful white-sand beaches

The Mozambican beaches, as mentioned, are absolutely stunning. It’d certainly be difficult to pass up the opportunity to laze (and tan) on the beach and swim in the crystal clear waters. You may even want to take a bat and ball, or set up a volleyball game and make a day out of it! Just remember to take sunscreen as the African sun is rather harsh!

Catch sight of wildlife while adventuring through the Mozambican bush

Mozambique is not usually the place that springs to mind when you’re considering a wildlife safari, however, you may want to consider it now! The likes of big game such as lion, elephant, cheetah, leopard and rhino call Mozambique home, as well as various species of antelope, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. The island also boasts around 740 bird species. On our Mozambique adventure tour you can expect to venture through the wild bush, and you can bet you’ll come across more than a few coveted wildlife species. It certainly is an experience of a lifetime!

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