Experience the Culture of Mozambique

October 29, 2013

Language and Religion

The best way to experience the culture of Mozambique is to discover more about their languages and religion. The official language spoken in Mozambique is Portuguese, but there are over 40 different languages and dialects that originate from the Bantu family.

Mozambicans are mainly Christian, Roman Catholic and Protestant. There are a few Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus scattered amongst the region as well.


Soccer is very popular in Mozambique and is played on fields or in the streets. Athletics, swimming, cricket and basketball are also faithfully followed in the country.



Western clothes have overtaken the traditional dress of the Mozambicans, however, the capulana which is a thick cloth with colourful art printed on it is still worn by some women on top of what they are wearing and is wrapped from the waist downwards.

Scarves are wrapped around their hair, or on top of their heads, sometimes used as a a pillow when carrying and transporting goods.



The culture of Mozambique is also featured through its cuisine which combines African, European, Indian, Malayan and even Chinese food. The seafood is fresh and many rich spices are used to add flavour to stews. Staple foods include rice and cornmeal dough. Mozambique has a lovely variety of fruit, such as oranges, grapefruits, bananas, paw-paws, avocados and coconuts.


Music and Dancing

Many religious or traditional events include music and dance; like most African countries, it is how they express themselves. There are various styles of dance and a variation of instruments and rhythms are incorporated. Traditional musical instruments are handmade from wood, fruits and animal skin, such as the lupembe, the marimba and the timbila.

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