Experience the Music of Botswana

October 17, 2013

Music is vital to the people of Botswana, providing upliftment, tradition and fun to their culture. The most popular music is folk music which includes singing, drums and string instruments. If there are no instruments, they will simply clap and chant their songs. There are about 10 styles of folk music that they perform. Jazz is also very popular in Botswana, like most African countries.

Other genres of music include Hip Hop and Kwasa Kwasa, which starts off with a slow rhythm and reaches a climax in the middle of the song. Recently an artist named ‘Vee’ has created Kwaito Kwasa which is a combination of Kwaito music and a Kwasa Kwasa rhythm with guitar.

Due to the internet, MTV and various other music channels, rock has become popular amongst the youth of Botswana, and many bands have been formed and toured in southern Africa.

So when on an African Safari be sure to ask your guide if they know of where you can catch some live, local music!

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