Fauna and Flora in Lake Manyara – Tanzania


There is a large and varied amount of fauna and flora in Lake Manyara, Tanzania. Below we unpack what you can see on a Tour of Tanzania.


Elephant, buffalo, wildebeest, giraffe, zebra, waterbuck, warthog and impala are plentiful in this area. Harder to spot is the shy Kirk’s dik-dik, and the klipspringer found on the slopes of the escarpment. It also inhabits the leopard and the unusual tree-climbing Manyara lion. There are plenty of baboons that wait to greet you as you enter the area on your africa budget safari.


Due to the unusual habitats, the birdlife is varied and prolific. The lake attracts flocks of pelicans and the pink-hue of the flamingos is an ever-popular sight. On the floodplains you will find numerous herons, egrets, stilts, stalks, spoonbills and other waders feeding on the vegetation.


The large amount of water feeds an evergreen forest makes up some of the vegetation seen here. The Lake is shallow and alkaline which, and when it dries up in the hot weather, one can see a large silver bowl of salt deposits. Adjacent to this watery wonderland are wide, grassy floodplains and mixed acacia woodlands. Adding to this vast and varied vegetation, next to the escarpment, are patches of evergreen forests, kept moist by the perennial groundwater springs that bubble up from the base of the escarpment.

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