Feedback – Cape Town to Victoria Falls

April 30, 2013
Just a happy guy who loves travelling, loves Africa and feels that travelling changes you forever.

Hi Nicky,

We had a wonderful time. Our guide and senior cook was Ray N. He said he knows you. All went faily well and when things didn’t go as planned we just chalked it up to the African experience. I will send you some incredible photos. We even saw a Leopard and a huge pride of Lions. I got the only faily good photo of the Leopard and will enter it in Nomads photo contest. Our driver said it was the first Leopard he has seen in four years! Etosha provided us with 4 or the 5 big five. Chobe provided the final Water Buffalo to complete the list. I took about 3,500 photos.

If I were to change anything it would be to provide two nights at each lodge within the national parks. Our time in the delta was wonderful because we had a fantastic place to stay. Our first lodge in Etosha was the best lodging and the best waterhole.

Chobe was fun and finally Vic Falls was incredible. I’m glad we booked the extra day. I’m also glad my camera is water and dust proof as I probably got the only good shot of the falls. Everyone else had to cover their camera to keep it dry.

In the future we would like to travel up or down the east coast from the Cape to Nirobie. We will book our next African tour through you without a doubt.

See Yah,

Skip & Lucy

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