Feedback on ‘What Inspires People to Come to Africa’

April 23, 2013

The whole team has been so proud of what we do for so long. We have just had a lovely email from a client come through.

We always like to know why people want to come out to Africa. One of our clients that we are helping came back with such a lovely response to the question of ‘Why are you looking to come out to Africa?’

“I’ve never been out to Africa. It has always been a destination of interest to me.  I walked by a co-workers desk and a multiple-photo frame caught my attention.  It has all these wild animals, four cheetahs resting underneath a single tree- each looking in a different direction, elephants embraced by their trunks, a wild boar, it was amazing to me.  I asked her if she had actually taken the shots herself or did it come with the frame ;) and she referred me to this website…and here we are! :)”

It made all of us so proud. Thank you so much Elizabeth (Florida) for your lovely words.


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