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Five Must-Do’s while Travelling through Nairobi, Kenya

When you think of Kenya, the majestic open plains of the Masai Mara spring to mind. Undoubtedly one of Kenya’s most popular destinations for an extraordinary safari experience. Although Kenya is so much more than just the ‘Mara’. Boasting eclectic cities such as Nairobi, Kenya is bursting with diversity and offers travelers opportunities to learn more about the people, their cultures and traditions. Kenyan’s offer hearty food, expressive art mediums along with interesting history and architecture yet not forgetting the abundance of wildlife. Nairobi highlights are most certainly worth adding to your bucketlist when travelling to Kenya.

When visiting Nairobi, there are a few must-do’s for your travels. Including wildlife and history, Nairobi is a beautiful city packed with thrilling adventure and special encounters. Take a look at our top five picks:

  1. Visit the Elephant Sanctuary

The elephant sanctuary, also known as the David Sheldrick Elephant and Rhino Orphanage is a special place. Here passionate conservationists rehabilitate orphaned baby elephants and rhino’s, ensuring they become fit enough for the wild. Visitors can enjoy a spectacular show by the elephants in particular. Witness them bathing in the mud, showing off their playful (and sometimes mischievous side) and watch them feed.

These baby animals are incredibly cute. Visitors are encouraged to gather around their enclosure allowing you to get very close to the animals and you may be lucky enough to touch them too. The David Sheldrick Orphanage has made a significant impact on endangered wildlife in Kenya and rely heavily on the revenue generated from visitors. Not only will you be deeply moved by this experience, but you’ll also be helping these majestic creatures to thrive.  

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  1. Go on a safari in Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park is the only wildlife park on earth that’s situated virtually in the middle of the city. A mere electric fence separates the likes of lion and other animals from the metropolis. The safari experience is incredible and of course very convenient for those visiting Nairobi.

Offering an authentic safari experience as the landscape remains wild and in its natural state. You can also expect to see lions, rhino, giraffe, crocodiles, zebra and buffalo to name a few. There are a few different tours available, some half day and others full day. You can partake in a private tour or join a group tour. This once in a lifetime experience ensures you will capture unique photographs. It’s not often you can capture a lion with a city skyline as the backdrop!

  1. Visit the Giraffe Rescue Centre

The Giraffe Rescue Centre is a mere 5km from the center of Nairobi and is similar to the elephant and rhino orphanage, although their mandate is to protect specific species of giraffe only found in East Africa. At the Giraffe Rescue Centre you can get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures who may look intimidating, but are rather gentle. You will be able to feed and touch them and learn more about the importance of their conservation. The centre is both an educational experience while also a fascinating encounter with wildlife.

  1. Visit the old home of ‘Out of Africa’ author, Karen Blixen

One of the most famous books about Africa ever written, is ‘Out of Africa’. This personal memoir of Danish author, Karen Blixen illustrates her experience growing up in Kenya, then known as British East Africa. Whether you have read the book or not, a visit to her former estate – which plays a significant role in the book, is an interesting outing. Her home is now a museum and visitors are encouraged to take a glimpse into the life she lived in rustic Africa, during the early 1900’s.

  1. Visit the traditional tribal museum known as the Bomas of Kenya

If you are looking for an authentic African experience, with the chance to engage with African people and their cultural traditions then we recommend the Bomas of Kenya. Explore a traditional way of life by visiting homesteads which offer a window into the locals history. Visitors are able to enter a traditional village displaying the homes, living conditions and cultural significance of various Kenyan tribes. You can also watch the traditional dance and acrobatic shows during your visit – provided you are there between 2.30 and 4pm weekdays.

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