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How do you decide on an Africa Overland Tour?

I know what it is like, like you I also took a long time before I decided on the trip to do. I remember looking through tons of brochures and websites and feeling overwhelmed. You probably have loads of questions, that is why we are here to assist:

I hope some of these points help you to decide on your perfect Africa overland tour.

1. How much time do you have?

Trips vary in length with the average trips being 3 weeks. There are, however, short 4 day to long 200 plus day trips. Most popular routes are the Cape to Victoria Falls route and then the Victoria Falls to Nairobi route (in both directions).

2. Where or what do you want to see?

Animals, bush, beaches, particular game reserves (i.e. Masai Mara, Serengeti or Kruger) or specific countries.

3. Do you want a rough experience or a more comfortable route?

Southern Africa compared to East Africa is a bit more of a comfortable experience with most properties or campsites with swimming pools. Shops are more frequent with your usual snacks. East African roads and infrastructure is a bit more wild.

4. Do you want to camp or share accommodated rooms?

Accommodated trips are extremely popular due to having a bed at night to sleep in. You must bear in mind that you might need to share a room with other travellers. If you prefer to camp then there are times that you might be able to upgrade to a room if you are tired of camping. This is all dependent on availability.

5. Are you looking for budget tours with more travellers or smaller trips?

Some trips have up to 26 people, while others have 4 or 6 people. The higher the number the more budget the trip.

6. Is the tour operator reputable?

Ask your travel agent who will be running the tours and how long they have been running for, you can then look on forums to see if they are good or not. There are about 30 – 40 different overland operators at any time and all have their good and bad points. It all depends on what you are looking for. The operators that we use have been chosen from years of experience in the industry and from their track records. The most important feedback we get is from our clients and forums.

Happy searching!


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