Internships in South Africa Great for Travellers

April 22, 2013

I have to tell everyone about a great company in Cape Town that organises internships for foreigners in South Africa (Allinterns).

So often in the travel industry we get inquiries from people that are coming out to Africa and are looking to spend some time out here. In fact the travel industry often has people who are doing internships before they depart on an overland tour.

This company is based in Cape Town and run by a friend of mine, Richard Rubenstein. Richard is well known in Cape Town and has subsequently developed great relationships with companies that are looking for interns.

They offer a great service from helping you with matching the perfect internship to your CV/desires, visa’s, accommodation, transport, pick up from the airport, maps, sim card for your mobile and many more! Have a look at and see all they offer.

They have a great additional website ( which gives information on what is going on in Cape Town. Very useful.

At any one time they have over 50 interns working in South Africa. So if you are looking for a very different experience before or after your overland why not try it out!

Hope this is useful to some of you.


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