Kafue National Park is Brimming with Wildlife

February 4, 2014

Did you know that Kafue National Park is the second largest park in Africa with over 55 different animal species? It is located in the centre of western Zambia. The Park is named after the Kafue River and was established in the 1950s by Norman Carr. The landscape consists of savannah grasslands which can become marshy in the rainy season, with evergreen forests lining the river’s edge, attracting loads of birdlife and wildlife.

Activities in Kafue National Park:

– 4×4 safaris

– Walking safaris

– Balloon flights

– Boat safaris

– Fishing

– Canoeing

A highlight of the National Park is the Zambezian flooded grasslands in the north where large herds of herbivores and their predators reside. They can easily be spotted in the dry season where they wallow in the marshes and swamps.




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