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Nomad Africa vs Jenman – Cape Town to Victoria Falls Comfort

We are often asked quiet tough questions by travellers – one such question is to compare tours and their operators, in finding the perfect overland adventure. It is particularly tough when comparing two very similar, yet different tours. The answer; will always come down to your personal preference.


Jenman has the ability to “wow” you, while Nomad assures consistency on the tried and tested Cape Town to Victoria Falls route. Yet, I cannot find fault with either tour as they are both very similar and unique.

On the one hand I do feel the Nomad Africa itinerary is a step up including 2x nights in the Okavango Delta + Scenic flight. As previously mentioned; the scenic flight is an “added bonus” required for you to travel from Maun (in the south) to your Okavango Delta camp located in the north-central regions of the Delta.  It is approximately a 45 minute flight (take off to landing) and the perfect way to get a great birds-eye view of the Delta.

The Jenman tours enter the Okavango Delta by means of 4×4 vehicle transfer, ensuring slightly less travel time in reaching your Okavango Delta camp but can stop if you happen to see something you’d like to photograph.

While both the Nomad and Jenman tours each include quality accommodation optimally located within (and at) each highlight. I do feel the Jenman accommodation is slightly more superior and comfortable. It ensures more meals are restaurant type meals (limiting meals prepared from the vehicle) and something I feel offers a more well-rounded experience.

The “deciding factor” boils down to the vehicles used on each tour and your personal preference;

The Nomad Africa small group tour travels on a bigger overland vehicle (normally seating 23) but limited to only 12 travellers on the small group departure (your chosen date). In doing so, it allows you substantially more space during the days’ drive to swap seats and move around in the vehicle as you like.

While I really do try be as objective as possible about each tour; it is a tough choice because they both offer such an incredible product and unique experience. It has been something I have worked with for nearly 8 years and I often find myself faced with a little internal debate about which is “better” but the final decision rests with you and, comes down to the following;

– Nomad 2x night Okavango Delta + Scenic flight VS Jenman 1x Okavango Delta

– Nomad meals at the overland vehicle VS Jenman meals at the lodges/accommodation

– Nomad large overland vehicle with guaranteed space VS Jenman small group vehicles (maximum 10 or 12)

– There is no real price difference between Nomad 20 Day VS Jenman 22 Day

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