Packing for a Round The World Trip

April 12, 2019
We’re a young, dynamic, adventurous couple, full of dreams! Traveling the world was always in the back of our minds, and we decided to start now. With this trip around the world, we want to raise awareness about the exponential rise of the waste that ends up in the world’s oceans.

Some people dread packing. Some people love it. I think we can say we enjoyed packing for a round the world trip!

From the start, we wanted to take one backpack each. We added the constraint that we wanted one of them to pass as aircraft carry-on luggage. Since Margarida already had a 60L backpack, we only had to buy the smaller one.

The weeks leading up to the departure were full of shopping and indecision on what to take or not. As we often do, we left some purchases for the very last day!

Our flight to Nairobi is tomorrow, Sunday, but Friday we already tried to fit everything in our backpacks, and fortunately managed to!

Since we plan to camp, we decided also to take cooking supplies to try to keep our meal costs low.

camping cooking supplies

We take already some dry soup as well… we also take a small stove but since we are taking the plane we can’t take the gas bottle. (Since we are quite amateur campers we didn’t test the stove, fingers crossed that it works!)

camping tour what to pack

We fit all the toiletries nicely in the three necessaries we had, and as you can see there is quite a lot of medicine mixed in!

toiletries to pack for your overland

And all neatly packed:

how to pack for africa

Together with the camping supplies (we take a tent, inflatable sleeping mattresses, sleeping bags, mosquito net…), the toiletries and towels go in the large bag:

round the world trip all packed

The small bag had to fit the rest and we were happily surprised to see we could fit it all!

Missing from the pictures are 3 of my t-shirts, and the shoes we will wear most of the time. There was even space for a beach towel!

Packing for a Round The World trip is a bit misleading! We are packing for 3 months in Africa! But for a round the world trip I am sure we would take more or less the same stuff, maybe more warm clothes depending on the season and climate.

We fly out tomorrow already, so we will know soon enough what we forgot. All our friends who did trips like these complained they took too much stuff!

And you, what do you think we are missing? Or what should we have left at home?

Ready to go Camping in Africa?

Visit João and Margarida’s blog – Nomad Plot – to read all about their worldwide travels or visit their Facebook Nomad Plot page and Instagram Account to follow their journey.


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