PCR Test Requirement for Travel to Africa

October 12, 2021
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Here is a useful table to see the current PCR requirements for travel Southern and East Africa (Subject to Change and dependent on your country of origin). To be used as a guide only.

Another useful tool for the latest information is https://apply.joinsherpa.com/travel-restrictions 


PCR / Vaccination card

How many valid hours

Price of PCR


Where it will be done as a group on tour


South Africa PCR 72 hours +-ZAR 950   Where ever you are travelling from to RSA 90 free day visa
Namibia PCR 7 Days +- ZAR 1200   On day 1 of your tour in Cape Town as a group 90 free day visa
Botswana PCR 72 hours +- BWP 950   In Windhoek (Namibia) on the day you arrive here 90 free day visa
Zimbabwe PCR 48 hours +- USD 100   In Kasane (Botswana) on the day you arrive Visa Upon arrival or Zimbabwe online application
Zambia PCR 72 hours +- USD 100   In Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls) on the da you arrive here Visa Upon arrival or online Zambia eVisa application
Malawi PCR 72 hours +- USD 75   In Chipata (Zambia) on the way up to South Luangwa Visa Upon arrival or Malawi eVisa application
Tanzania PCR 72 hours +- USD 100 Need to fill a form out In Mzuzu (Malawi) before heading to the beach Visa Upon arrival or Tanzania e visa application
Kenya PCR 96 Hours +- USD 50 – 150 Need to fill a form out In Arusha Kenya eVisa Online Visa only (multi visa)
Uganda PCR 72 hours +- USD 50   In Nairobi Visa Upon arrival or online eVisa application

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