Support Conservancies in Africa

August 13, 2013

What is a Conservancy?

Conservancies are community-based resources that support the wildlife and environment, by allowing the community in the area to benefit from the income generated from tourism.

Why support Conservancies in Africa?

If we don’t look after our environment, then who will? We face incredible challenges when it comes to conservation. Economies are declining, our natural resources are being plundered and most governments don’t have the finances to support conservation efforts. Innovative ideas are needed to save our planet, which means there is so much you can offer to support conservancies in some way or another.

By saving wildlife and places, the local communities are supported and made sustainable, which is in essence, ‘a circle of life’ – support the environment, which supports the communities, which in return supports the environment!

For more information please visit the National Association of Conservancies/Stewardship South Africa (NACSSA) website.

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