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Tented Safaris – What is it, When and Where Should I Go?

Your tented safari to Africa is a key milestone in your life but it can be confusing deciding on the best-tented safari experience and you definitely don’t need to break the bank to afford this once in a lifetime holiday. Learn all the useful things you need to know when you’re choosing your Tented Safari.

It may seem impossible to get away from work and the stresses of everyday life, but it is crucial to recharge and replenish yourself so that you can face life with more clarity and vigour than before, a camping African adventure can do this for you. There is something magical about pitching a tent or spending nights in a tent in the great outdoors. 

What is a Tented Camp?

Basically, it is similar to camping by staying overnight in a tent; you spend your nights away from the hustle and bustle of city life and the concrete jungle – in a tranquil place where you can hear and see wildlife passing by or surrounding you. It is a magical experience. 

While camping in Tanzania for instance is a great budget choice for people who want to be near to nature without sacrificing comfort, tented camps provide greater creature amenities for those who want to be close to nature without sacrificing too much comfort.

Tented camps, often known as ‘glamping,’ combine the best of camping with the best of staying in a luxurious resort.

Why Stay in a Tented Camp?

A tented camp is a good balance between roughing it in a conventional tent and living distant from nature in a brick and mortar resort for people who wish to enjoy the raw grandeur of the Serengeti or Ngorongoro. It is an authentic experience. 

Everything from a comfy bed to a private toilet to electrical outlets to charge your cameras is likely to be found beneath the canvas canopy of your tent.

Expectations in a Tented Camp?

One of my fondest safari experiences was sleeping in tented camps and the entire tenting experience. Coming back to your campsite, after a long day spent viewing the wild, where tents are set up already. Having a great meal prepared by the crew and enjoying the meal while sitting around the blazing campfire as the sun sets over the African savannah – and the best part hearing the sounds of lions roaring, birds chirping, hyenas giggling and the nocturnal wildlife coming out to play. Like a lullaby putting me to sleep. 

Sleeping in a remote wilderness location, surrounded by nature while curled up on your bed or sleeping bag. These memories are simply priceless.

What are the types of Tents?

Depending on your budget, you can experience budget safari tented to luxurious tented camps. 

Mobile Tented Accommodation

These are known to be seasonal and temporary camps, that provide a unique classic safari experience, they are frequently created for three month periods to follow for example the great wildebeest migration, putting you in prime game-watching spots. 

Simple dome tents to opulent, classic safari tents are available for accommodation. En-suite facilities with bucket showers or also called ‘safari showers’ and toilets are provided in the tents. There are no permanent structures built and you basically stay in a remote location where there are no other people. When you leave the location, nothing is left behind. The crew bring all the necessary equipment and meals. The fabric of your tent will be the only thing standing between you and nature and the wild. Magical, right?

Mobile Tented Adventures are perfect for those who value having access to the best game viewing location sites; who also plan to spend the bulk of their time exploring the area and who prefer comfort above extra lodge frills.


Popular Mobile Tented Tour Options:


Permanent Tented Camps

This ‘sleep under canvas’ set up is based upon fixed foundations at a fixed location with the amenities of a lodge. These Permanent tents are often set up on raised platforms with hardwood flooring and canvas walls. En-suite bathrooms include 24-hour running water for sinks, showers, and toilet flushing. The central lounge spaces are generally large, and many of them have swimming pools. Permanent ultra-luxury tented camps provide the ultimate luxury experience, with private plunge pools, butler service, and expansive living areas.

Only the canvas separates you from the wildlife which is a great Magical feeling! This tent experience is perfect for those who want to feel close to nature while enjoying a high level of comfort.


Popular Tented Safari Tour Options:

Adventure Camping

This is your typical ‘roughing it out‘ basic camping setup: dome tents, cots or sleeping bags, and the minimum essentials. Sleeping arrangements include a sleeping bag or a comfortable mattress. 

Electricity and Wi-Fi are unlikely to be available in campgrounds, and there will be shared bathroom and toilet facilities. You’ll have a genuine experience — falling asleep under the stars.

On these camping tours, the crew will prepare meals with the assistance of the travellers making it a self participation tour which is all part of the adventure experience. 


Popular Camping Tour Options:

When is the Best time to go on a Tented Safari?

Because the East and Southern African regions have different wet and dry seasons, you may go on safari at any time of year if you’re willing to be flexible with your destination. The optimum time for safari is determined by a variety of things, in addition to your own calendar of when you can actually take time off to go on safari:

Destination: Is there a country on your travel list that you would like to explore? 

Wildlife: Are you interested in Wildlife, any specific game? 

Budget: In the dry (high) safari season implies more animals, more people, and high season rates. Going on safari during the rainy season, on the other hand, offers less expensive rates and it can hamper your wildlife experience to some extent. On scheduled group safaris, the rates remain the same throughout the year. 

What is the difference between a campsite and a tent campsite?

A campsite is a location where people can camp including caravans or motorhomes. While a tent campsite, is only for tents to be pitched. 

What is a Tented Safari

Combining the words Safari meaning ‘’an expedition to observe animals in their natural habitat’’ and Tented ‘’consisting of tents; providing accommodation in the form of tents’’. A Tented Safari is staying or sleeping under the canvas while staying in a location where you can very close to nature and wildlife. 

Where to go on a Tented Safaris in Africa 

Tented Safari Botswana

Popular regions for tented safaris in Bostwana are Moremi, Okavango Delta and Chobe. Botswana is a perfect destination to immerse yourself in wildlife and nature. Rates are high in order to conserve the area’s wildlife, who rely on money from tourism to protect the wildlife. 

Most Popular Tented Camps in Botswana
  1. Zarafa Camp
  2. Jack’s Camp
  3. Belmond Eagle Island Lodge
  4. Duba Plains Camp
  5. Mombo Camp

Tented Safari Camps South Africa

South Africa has the most amazing tented safari camps located in the most remote and pristine areas leaving you in absolute awe!

Most Popular Tented Camps in South Africa 
  1. AndBeyond Ngala Tented Camp
  2. Honeyguide Mantobeni Tented Safari Camp
  3. Kwafubesi Tented Safari Camp, Waterberg
  4. Gorah Tented Camps, Addo Elephant National Park
  5. Dwyka Tented Lodge, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, Hasekraal private nature reserve
  6. Tanda Tula, Limpopo
Tented Safari Kruger National Park
  1. Hamilton’s Tented Safari Camp, Kruger National Park
  2. AndBeyond Ngala Tented Camp
  3. Tanda Tula, Limpopo

Tented Safaris in East Africa 

Kenya boasts stunning tented camps located in prime wildlife locations and offering best friendly service, amazing food and great total safari experience.

Most Popular Tented Camps in Kenya
  1. Kichwa Temba
  2. Loisaba Tented Camp
  3. Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp 
  4. Mara Tented Camp
Most popular Tented Camps in Tanzania 
  1. Singita Sabora Tented Camp
  2. Sayuri Camp
  3. Chem Chem Lodge




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