The A to Z of Packing for an Overland Trip

April 29, 2013

Ahh, the hard part of any trip …. PACKING!

It’s the worst part of the trip because you now have to figure out how to get everything into your bag! I dislike it so much, I’ll even consider flying my travel agent over here to help me pack! Fortunately she’s been able to give me some awesome advise and simplify it all for me.

My packing tips:

1.  Take 3/4 pairs of long pants (2x denim + 1/2x combat + 1x cotton/similar)
2.  Take 3 pairs of shorts (or 4)
3.  Take 6 to 8 tops (combo of tank tops, t-shirts, vests etc.)
4.  Take 2 smart tops (something you can pair with jeans or cotton/similar pants – for dinners)

Keep the pants to a minimum because you can mix and match them with various tops. I do suggest 2 smart tops (neat golf shirt / shirts for guys) to wear with jeans or your nice cotton pants for dinner.

For the ladies:  a little item I always like packing is a light scarf or pashmina – it is something that can just jazz up anything with a splash of colour, or wrap around your head during the hotter days.

5.  Take 2 warm jumpers + jacket (like wind jacket or windbreaker)
6.  Take 2 pairs of sandals + 1x pair walking shoes (and socks) + 1x closed shoes (pumps)

Take 2 jumpers because you’re doing a long trip – volunteering in South Luangwa and 14 Day Mozambique in Comfort overland tour. Depending on your volunteering conditions, you can wear one during the day and the other at night under your wind jacket / breaker.  It’s a great combo for when it’s a bit colder on some nights or if it rains.

You’ll get a lot of wear from your sandals during the day – and they’re easy to kick off at your campsite or at the beach. A pair of the ol’ flip flops always go down well with the second pair of sandals a nicer pair you could wear to dinner.  Closed shoes can be sneakers / walking shoes / hiking boots and a pair of pumps.

7. 2/3 pairs of socks at most – because they are small and can easily be washed and dried out again.

8. All the needed under garments
9. Swimming costume + sarong (doubles up as a towel) / travel towel
10. Hat + sunglasses
11. Toiletries + medical kit
12. Different sizes of  ziplock bags – great for wet items, toiletries, cameras etc.

There you have it – all packed and ready to go!

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