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Things to do in Kenya

There are a variety of things to do in Kenya but we have sifted through a few activities in this article.

Fort Jesus in Kenya

The biggest attraction in the city of Mombasa is Fort Jesus. It dominates the entire harbour entrance at the end of Nkrumah Road. The coral walls are a metre thick and makes it a rather impressive structure, in spite of it being partly ruined. The fort was constructed by the Portuguese in 1593 to enforce their rule over the coastal Swahilis, but it was very seldom that they managed to maintain control for long periods of time. The building houses a museum, built over the former barracks. The displays are mostly ceramics, showing the diversity of cultures that traded along the coast, but also include other fascinating bits and pieces donated from private collections or unearthed from sites along the shore. Every day at 19h00 there is a sound and light show that illustrated the history of the fort to visiting guests.

Lamu Museum in Kenya

Situated in the magnificent Swahili warehouse on the waterfront, the Lamu Museum is a fantastic introduction to the history and culture of Lamu Island. It is one of the most fascinating small museums in Kenya, with exhibits on Swahili culture, the renowned coastal carved doors, the Maulid Festival, Lamu’s nautical history and the tribes who once resided on this part of the shore in pre-Muslim days, including the Boni who were legendary elephant hunters. There is a bookshop here where you can purchase specialised books on Lamu and Swahili culture. The pride of the museum is the extraordinary and ornate ceremonial horns (siwa) of Lamu and Pate, which date back to the 17th century. Lamu’s siwa is made of engraved brass, but it pales in comparison to the grand ivory siwa of Pate, carved from a single huge elephant tusk. Swahili relics from Takwa and other sites in the archipelago are exhibited in the downstairs gallery.

Masa Mara National Reserve in Kenya

The Masai Mara National Reserve is world-famous, stretching over more than 1,510 square kilometres of vast, undulating grasslands. It is backed by the exquisite Esiot Oloololo (Siria) Escarpment, watered by the Mara River and is dotted with an abundance of diverse wildlife. Of the big cats, lions can be seen in big prides all over the Reserve, and it is not uncommon to see them hunting. Cheetahs and leopards are less visible, but are still fairly common. Elephants, buffalos, zebras and hippos also roam this region in big numbers.



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