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South Africa’s top 6 travel bloggers

South Africa has a fast-growing travel blogging community, with inspiring blogs dedicated to everything from camping and long overland adventures to music festivals and weekends away being posted every day.

We’ve picked six of our favourite South African travel bloggers who cover both travel in South Africa and around the rest of Africa, and constantly inspire us to get out there and explore!

Meruschka Govender – Mzansi Girl

Meruschka Govender

Meruschka Govender is a Joburg-based African travel activist and blogger whose passion is encouraging people to explore Africa, a place of thousands of different languages, cultures and customs. She’s been working in tourism for almost 10 years, and started her blog to show people how much diversity Africa has to offer in terms of amazing travel experiences, many of which you can read about on her fun and adventure-filled blog, from attending music festivals to road tripping South Africa.

Her favourite backpackers in Africa is Bulungula Lodge on the Wild Coast: “It’s just so peaceful out there – no cellphone signal or Internet – just green hills, huts, cows, dolphins and the crashing wild waves. The lodge is a case study in how to do sustainable tourism right: most of the money you spend stays in the community.”

Dawn Jorgensen – The Incidental Tourist


After selling her bespoke tour operating company, Dawn Jorgensen started to miss travel and realised that she had too many amazing experiences not to share them with the world. She started her blog, the Incidental Tourist, to keep travel alive for her. Her blog is personal and engaging – you really get a sense of the person behind the journeys to places such Madagascar and Benin.

Dawn says she’s “very much a child of Africa, never happier than with dust under my feet and the pace of a vibrant African city for company.” She loves “Africa’s diversity, bright colours and intense smells, the people and their rich traditions, the vulnerability of the land, open plains and magnificent wildlife.” Her top African bucket list adventures include tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda, doing an overland safari by motorbike in Uganda and exploring coastal Mozambique.

Anton Crone – Bright Continent

Anton Crone

A few years ago Anton Crone decided to give up a career in the advertising industry to become a travel writer and hasn’t looked back. Since then he’s travelled extensively around Africa overland and shares his travels and amazing photography on his wonderful blog, Bright Continent. He decided to start blogging to change people’s perceptions of Africa and to encourage people to travel more of Africa.

Anton says “it’s more challenging to travel in Africa but that makes it more rewarding.” A big advocate for overland travel, he says “flying takes you to dots on a map. You don’t see or experience what’s on the periphery. Travelling overland means you connect the dots and the culture, landscape and your own attitude evolves as you travel further. His greatest African adventure to date was travelling from Cape Town to Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania and back with a friend in a tiny smart car.

Roxanne Reid 

roxannereid2014{Filename»}20140108 (2)Roxanne Reid is a travel writer and blogger whose passion for Africa and its wildlife, people, heritage, conservation projects and beautiful landscapes is clearly seen through her beautifully written blogs, which she hopes will inspire others to feel the excitement and wonder of Africa. Her wanderlust-inducing adventures range from beach hopping Mozambique and walking through the Kalahari with a San tracker to  camping wild in the Richtersveld National Park.

She’s “happiest in the middle of nowhere, meeting the locals, trying something new, or simply watching the grass grow, while her favourite place in Africa is the Kalahari, for “its animals, scenery, thunderstorms, red dunes, starry skies and people”.

Ishay Govender-Ypma – Food and the Fabulous

Writer with coconut vendor, Pamplemousse Gardensjpg

Food and travel writer and blogger Ishay Govender-Ypma has the tastiest blog on this list – Food and the Fabulous – which is filled with her delicious recipes and stories of her foodie travels around South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world. Her top foodie spots in Africa are South Africa, for “the incredibly diversity of cuisine and experience” and Morocco, where “the Middle East meets Africa in a fragrant medley of spices, slow-cooked dishes and pastries.

Scott Ramsay – Year in the Wild

Scott Ramsay

Writer and photographer Scott Ramsay felt too far away from the bush working in an office in Joburg, so he quit his job to travel the wilds of southern Africa instead. He’s now spent over two years on the road, visiting more than 50 parks and reserves in South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana and sharing his inspiring experiences on his blog, along with his gorgeous photos. He cites the Richtersveld National Park, on the border of southern Namibia, as his favourite wilderness area in South Africa, for the “desert mountains, the booming silence, the blazing stars, the godly aura and the sense of freedom”, while hiking the Imfolozi Wilderness Trail in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park in KwaZulu-Natal was one of the wildest things he’s ever done.

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