Tree Climbing Lions of Lake Manyara

May 6, 2013

Yes, you read that right – lions that climb trees – a phenomena seen predominantly in Lake Manyara. It is an unusual sight to see and one has to see it to believe it. The Tree Climbing Lion makes its way graciously up the trees, and then settles itself comfortably on a branch perched high in the trees. Their large paws dangle over the branches and they are often seen sleeping with their heads on their paws, just like a domestic cat. Be sure to have your camera ready, as these photographs will make beautiful prints and cause much controversy when hanging on your wall at home.

It has been surmised that the lions climb the trees to get away from the pesky flies and perhaps also to escape from herds of buffalo and elephant. I am sure the lions also enjoy a cool breeze in the shade of the trees. You are very fortunate when on your African overland tour to see this amazing paradox of nature.

Photograph compliments of Londolozi blog

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