Ugab Save the Rhino Trust Camp

May 3, 2016

The Ugab Save the Rhino Trust Camp, the base camp for ‘Save the Rhino Trust’, is located along the southern banks of the roaring Ugab River, within seeing distance of the impressive Brandberg Mountain – the highest mountain of Namibia. The camp runs a small education centre for visiting travellers, a curio and t-shirt store, as well as a self-catering campground with ablution facilities. It is from this base camp that trackers of the Save the Rhino Trust have access to rhinos in the southern part of their Kunene range.  The Save the Rhino Trust is a non-profit organisation that devotes their time to saving rhinos (more specifically, the Desert Rhino of Namibia) and puts its camping fees towards Trust donations.

The campsite itself is somewhat isolated and rustic, requiring entry via 4X4. Approximately 214 kilometres from Swakopmund, the Ugab Base Camp offers communal ablutions with showers heated up by a donkey, as well as long drop toilets. Guests to this camping ground must bring their own equipment, food, drinking water, and firewood. Due to the uncertainty of water quality in this area, it is recommended that you bring your own bottled water. An information centre on the campground provides guests with informative displays about the region and the efforts of the ‘Save the Rhino Trust’. There is also a small store that sells SRT t-shirts, peak caps, and other memorabilia. Sometimes guests are lucky enough to have Desert Elephants wander through the campsite, or to spot an endangered black rhino from a game viewing vehicle. Camping spots in this area are enclosed in reed quads to help keep elephants from getting too close to campers during the night.


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