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Visiting Zimbabwe: The Top 10 Things to Do

Zimbabwe is a country that will take you on a personal journey with its beautiful landscapes, giant boulders, mountains, World Heritage archaeological sites; and you will stand in amazement feeling in awe of the Victoria Falls which is one of the natural wonders of the world.  You may also get to see the Big Five, the lion, buffalo, rhinoceros, leopard and elephant and a vast number of birds of prey; as Zimbabwe is known to be incredibly rich in wildlife and bird species. This is a country that once you have ticked it off of your bucket list, you will want to return again!

The top 10 places to go in Zimbabwe 

Great Zimbabwe Ruins 

The mystifying city of the Great Zimbabwe ruins, also an UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a medieval city which was constructed during the 11th century, and completed in the 15th century. It has been thought to have served as the palace for the monarchy and the lace in which political rules were made. This area is divided into various major ruins, The Great Enclosure, The Hill Complex and the Valley – the three major ruins that are well worth a visit. If you want to get the best out of this experience, we’d recommend visiting over sunrise or sunset which shows off what is already an enchanting site.

Gonarezhou National Park

A hidden gem in the southeast corner of Zimbabwe you will find the beautiful Gonarezhou National Park, which is the second largest park. This is deemed one of the best kept secrets with it’s scenic parks, landscapes, baobab trees, major rivers. The Gonarezhou shares the border with Mozambique and is literally an extension of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Towards the end of 2002 those in authority of the countries in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique formed the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park.  

Victoria Falls National Park

The Victoria Falls is the fourth largest river in Africa. Seeing the falls, whether it be from the Zimbabwean or the Zambian side is an experience of a lifetime. Visiting during the months of February to June will have you witnessing a magical cloud of mist which floats high above the falls due to the force of the water, however, one is able to view this spectacular sighting year round. As mentioned, the falls can be viewed from both Zimbabwe and Zambia, and luckily visas now allow you the opportunity to view from both sides. Zimbabwe boasts more viewing points that open up to breathtaking panoramic views. The popular points are Cataract View, this leads down to Devil’s Cataracts, the view is one that often shows a beautiful rainbow effect. Danger Point, this area is open, no fencing and has a sheer drop which can be rather daunting. It would be an advantage to take along a raincoat as you can often feel a soft spray of water.

Mana Pools National Park

The beautiful national park is listed as an Unesco World Heritage site, it is 2200 square kilometers. Elephants, hippopotamus, zebras, crocodiles, lions, cheetahs and wild dogs can be found in the Park. It is almost a given that you will get to see and experience most of the animals close up. The Mana Pools is one of the parks that differs from most parks in the world as it allows you to be one in the wild; as travellers are able to walk without being accompanied by a guide. Although it is an adventure like no other and gives you a personal experience, it should not be one taken lightly as you are in the territory of wild animals. It would be suggested that you rather venture through the park with a guide, even though attacks are rare, wild animals are unpredictable. This park is not open during the rainy season from January to March.

Matobo National Park

The Matobo Park is an Unesco World Heritage site. It is divided into two parts – recreational park and game park. The Matobo National Park is home to the most amazing granite terrain and a pinnacle feature of Zimbabwe with the beautiful and almost spiritual landscape of giant boulders and rock formations that seem to balance effortlessly on top of one another. The recreational park has a beautiful viewpoint –  World’s View. They don’t have an abundance of wildlife because of poaching but it is still one of the best places to view both black and white rhino’s – an incredibly rare, endangered species. They also have one-third of the world’s largest species of eagle and could get to see african hawk eagles, the rare cape eagle owls or black eagles.

Hwange National Park

Hwange is one of the largest national parks in Africa boasting a very large amount of wildlife and species of bird. Being close to the Victoria Falls makes it easier to visit both on the same day.  July to October is considered the best time if it’s wildlife you want to see, as it’s during this time that the animals crowd one of the 60 water holes. The park has the largest herd of elephants in the world.

Natural History Museum

In 1964 the museum was officially opened. It’s the largest museum in the area and is highly recommended. One of the attractions is the second largest mounted elephant in the world, and the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals with lifelike effect. They also have a magnificent collection of gemstones that is a natural source to Zimbabwe.

Jafuta Heritage Centre

An awesome quaint museum showing off the cultural heritage of the Shona, Ndebele, Lozi and Tonga people. Not only is their history informative but they have beautiful jewellery, costumes of these local people.

Patrick Mavros – Jewellery

This is an attraction for any person who loves silver jewellery or would want a piece that is unique and personal to them which is inexpensive and handmade. Private tours of the workshop can be arrange, all silver is produced locally.

National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe

This attractIve gallery exhibits a blend of international, local and African artists. The theme of the gallery changes monthly from stone sculptures, various paintings, photography, masks and carvings.  A tranquil Shona sculpture garden is found outside.

Visit the the magical country of Zimbabwe and be enriched by the interesting history, compelling culture and natural phenomenons. See our budget friendly Zimbabwean tour offerings to begin your journey of a lifetime!

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